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Dr Chaitanya Joshi
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I'm a MBBS doctor from Nepal, Dr. Chaitanya Joshi, Currently practicing in Kathmandu. My lifelong interests have been in medicine and science, and I can't wait to share my knowledge and experiences with you all. I am always learning as a doctor and looking for new methods to advance my abilities and expertise.

I do, however, also have a desire to share my knowledge and experience with others. I started this blog in order to interact with other people who have a similar love of science and medicine while also sharing my ideas, observations, and experiences as a doctor.

The other purpose of my blog is also to teach the students and my juniors various stuffs regarding medicine and scence as well.

I hope that by writing this blog, I will encourage people to follow their passions.
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Dr Chaitanya Joshi
I have a hope that this website/blog will someday turn into a medical / sciencce hub that will host a lot of medical/science education mostly for Nepalese and Indian communities for better knowledge regarding the topics.

Please contact me if you have any query using contact us button abve or bottom.

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