FBIMNCI MO Handbook for medical officers

FBIMNCI handbook for medical officers  handbook facility based integrated management of childhood and neonatal illness

Table of contents(toc)


Facility based integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses. 

Introduction to FBIMNCI

The Facility Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (FB-IMNCI) package includes appropriate management of major causes of childhood and neonatal mortality. 

The package has been designed specially to address childhood cases referred from peripheral level health institutions to higher institutions. 

As such, the package is expected to bridge the current gap in appropriate and timely management of childhood 
FBIMNCI MO handbook cover page (imnci chart booklet)
Handbook cover page

The Facility Based IMNCI package has been designed to address the major causes of childhood illnesses especially:

  1. infection
  2. birth asphyxia
  3. prematurity
  4. low birth weight
  5. pneumonia
  6. diarrhoea
  7. malaria
  8. meningitis
  9. severe malnutrition among children.

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Checking pedal oedema in childre with malnutrition
Checking pedal oedema in childre with malnutrition

Download IMNCI Protocol (imnci chart booklet)

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