We need food not tobacco


Background on international day against tobacco use

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Today, May 31 is observed as international day against tobacco use. This year, World Health Organization is targeting the root cause of the Tobacco Industry, that is Tobacco Farming. WHO considers that tobaccoo farming is the cause of tobaccoo use. Lets analyze how right or wrong this concept is. 


Why are people attracted to tobacco farming

The people in the poverty line and the rich farmers both are currently farming tobacco plants to generate money. Tobacco has become one of the top cash crop for many people. 

Is tobacco farming beneficial 

I think very few people know the fact that farmers indulge into the tobacco industry because they are made fools by miseducating them about the crop. They're told about its benefits but at the same time they're not told about its bad aspects. 

Why're people attracted to tobacco farming 

They lure the farmers into cultivating this crop by showing them the *MONEY* factor saying its the income source and gives huge value. 

Poverty and tobacco

The poor people who have no money at all and are needy do whatever is in their hands to earn a good living sum for their families, and hence they devote their lives into this hazardous practice of modern days.

Comparison of tobacco vs other crops

Bow lets compare pros and cons and also discuss how alternate options can be equally good or even better. 

I'll not reiterate anything about tobacco or how it is harmful to our bodies, but I'll show basic points how alternate farming is any day better than Tobacco farming.

Tobacco plant
Tobacco plant


Many misconceptions and hoax are in the community that helps tobacco use common

  • ⇒ Pesticide poisoning is common among workers and those living near tobacco-growing fields.
  • ⇒ Neurological and psychological conditions because of poor protection practices.
  • ⇒ Deforestation
  • ⇒ Crops cannot withstand climate changes and pests.
  • ⇒ Soil degradation
  • ⇒ Destruction of groundwater resources
  • ⇒ Sedimentation of rivers, reservoirs and irrigation systems
  • climate change
  • ⇒ Species extinction due to habitat fragmentation and over exploitation of land


  • ⇒ It can fix atmospheric nitrogen
  • ⇒ Restores the lost nitrogen in the soil
  • ⇒ Prevents soil from erosion
  • ⇒ We can do red gram farming on any type of soil, even on mountain slopes
  • ⇒ Can easily grow it in stress conditions
  • ⇒ Can be harvested within 3 months
  • ⇒ Does not require immense chemicals or pesticides

Finally words on we need food not tobacco:

Other crops farming gives better opportunity than tobacco farming is better than tobacco farming

All our farmers are in dire need of good education/ awareness about alternative farming, for them and for the environment.

This also comes with a well known fact that everyone should quit tobacco

There's no option to quitting tobacco and atop smoking. 
Smoking nkt only harms the  smoker but also the people around them. 

NO consumers = NO farming 

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