10 MCQs on orthopedics and trauma

10 high-yield multiple-choice questions on orthopedics and trauma for physician assistants and medical students:

10 MCQs on orthopedics and trauma

1. Which fracture is commonly known as a "dinner fork" deformity due to the characteristic angulation seen on X-rays?

   a) Colles' fracture

   b) Monteggia fracture

   c) Boxer's fracture

   d) Smith fracture

   e) Galeazzi fracture

2. The most common type of hip dislocation, accounting for over 90% of cases, involves the femoral head dislocating:

   a) Posteriorly

   b) Anteriorly

   c) Laterally

   d) Superiorly

   e) Medially

3. Which condition is characterized by inflammation of the tendon and its insertion site on the bone, often seen in the Achilles tendon or the patellar tendon?

   a) Bursitis

   b) Tendinitis

   c) Osteoarthritis

   d) Plantar fasciitis

   e) Ligament sprain

4. The "unhappy triad" refers to a combination of injuries involving the:

   a) Shoulder, clavicle, and scapula

   b) Femur, patella, and tibia

   c) Tibia, fibula, and ankle

   d) Medial collateral ligament, anterior cruciate ligament, and medial meniscus

   e) Radius, ulna, and humerus

5. In a Galeazzi fracture-dislocation, which bone is fractured, and which bone is dislocated?

   a) Fractured: Radius; Dislocated: Ulna

   b) Fractured: Ulna; Dislocated: Radius

   c) Fractured: Humerus; Dislocated: Radius

   d) Fractured: Radius; Dislocated: Humerus

   e) Fractured: Ulna; Dislocated: Humerus

6. The "Pott's fracture" typically involves a fracture of the fibula with associated:

   a) Ankle dislocation

   b) Tibia fracture

   c) Metatarsal fracture

   d) Calcaneus fracture

   e) Navicular fracture

7. Which imaging modality is considered the gold standard for evaluating ligament and cartilage injuries within joints?

   a) X-ray

   b) Ultrasound

   c) CT scan

   d) MRI

   e) Bone scan

8. Which spinal condition is characterized by forward slippage of one vertebra over the one beneath it, often seen in the lumbar spine?

   a) Scoliosis

   b) Kyphosis

   c) Lordosis

   d) Spondylolisthesis

   e) Spinal stenosis

9. Osteoporosis is characterized by reduced bone density and increased susceptibility to fractures. Which bone is commonly affected in hip fractures due to osteoporosis?

   a) Femur

   b) Tibia

   c) Radius

   d) Humerus

   e) Fibula

10. Which type of fracture occurs at the site of a preexisting abnormality, such as a bone weakened by a tumor or metabolic condition?

    a) Pathologic fracture

    b) Greenstick fracture

    c) Comminuted fracture

    d) Stress fracture

    e) Avulsion fracture

Answers to orthopedics MCQ are here.

These questions cover a range of important topics in orthopedics and trauma, from fractures and dislocations to common conditions and imaging modalities. Understanding these concepts will provide a solid foundation for your studies and clinical practice. Good luck!

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