Mystic Healthcare - Nepal's Best Doctor Consultation at Home Facility in Kathmandu

Mystic Healthcare - Best Doctor at Home Facility in Kathmandu is Launched with Home care, online consultation and many more

Mystic Healthcare - Nepal's Best Doctor Consultation

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Mystic Healthcare: Revolutionizing Healthcare in Nepal

Mystic Healthcare is a healthcare service provider, a clinic based in Nepal.

They have a unique approach to healthcare, providing medical services right at the comfort of your home.

They can be contacted through social media, Whatsapp, viber, messenger, calls and you can order OPD based healthcare at your home. 

But remember, they're not emergency healthcare provider hence you should seek legal emergency medical providers if you're in hurry or emergency. 

They've also launched a physical clinic where you can visit and get more of healthcare services. 

A New Approach to Healthcare

In a world where everything is just a click away, healthcare should be no different.

Mystic Healthcare understands this and has taken a unique approach to healthcare.

They provide medical services right at your doorstep. 

This not only makes healthcare more accessible but also adds a level of comfort and convenience that is unparalleled.

Services Offered

Mystic Healthcare offers a wide range of services.

 Their main goal is to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for everyone. 

They have a team of qualified and experienced doctors who are ready to provide medical assistance at any time. 

Whether it’s a regular check-up, Mystic Healthcare ensures that you receive the best care right at your home.

  1. Online doctor consultation
  2. Specialist doctor consultation
  3. Geriatric old age care
  4. Disability and injury care at home
  5. Postpartum care at home and monitoring 
  6. Doctor at home
  7. Nurse at home
  8. Minor procedures at home
  9. Dressing at home
  10. Medicine supply at home
  11. Nursing care products supply at home
  12. Physiotherapy at home
  13. Psychological counseling at home/ online
  14. Lab sample and blood test from home
  15. Reports sent at email/whatsapp
  16. Reports interpretation at home/online
  17. Medical instruments and supplies delivery at home
  18. Home x-ray and interpretation
  19. Home portable ultrasound
  20. Home echocardiogram and interpretation
  21. Home ECG and interpretation 
  22. Neutraceuticals and supplements delivery

Popularity Among Locals

Mystic Healthcare has gained popularity among the locals. 

Their Facebook page, “Mystic Healthcare: Doctor at Home Nepal”, has garnered numerous likes and followers. 

This shows the trust and confidence that people have in their services. 

The positive reviews and testimonials on their page further attest to their commitment to providing high-quality care.

Impact on the Community

By bringing healthcare services directly to the homes of patients, Mystic Healthcare is making a significant impact on the community. 

They are making healthcare more accessible, especially for those who may find it difficult to travel to a hospital or clinic. 

This is particularly beneficial for the elderly, people with disabilities, and those living in remote areas.

Social accounts of Mystic Healthcare

You can contact mystic healthcare via one of following:
  1. Facebook 
  2. Instagram
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Viber
  5. Twitter/X
  6. TikTok
  7. Messenger
  8. Threads
  9. Phone number of Mystic Healthcare
  10. Website of Mystic Healthcare 

Contact information of Mystic Healthcare

Phone number: 9861481571
Whatsapp: 9861481571
Contact address for business query: 9861481571


In conclusion, Mystic Healthcare is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered in Nepal. 

Their growing popularity is a testament to their commitment to providing high-quality care. 

By making healthcare more accessible and less stressful, they are not only improving individual health outcomes but also contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

They can be contacted via multiple ways for healthcare at your doorstep. 

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