What is Cervical Cancer Screening : A video about the preventable cancer

What is Cervical Cancer Screening

What is Cervical Cancer Screening
What is Cervical Cancer Screening

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Cervical Cancer is the most common cancer in women. In this article we are discussion types of cervical screening and their benefits. 

Method of cervical cancer screening

Multiple methods can be used for cervical cancer screening, which can be listed like Below
  1. Pap smear
  2. VIA
  3. Lugols iodine test

What is Pap smear test in Nepali?

Test is a pathological test in Which Few cells from the cervix are taken and checked the microscope in laboratory to see if there are any cancer cells. Doctor, your gynecologist will use special device made for taking off the shedding off cell from your cervix and put them on slide then will be sent to the laboratory for further examination and evaluation.
Pathologist will see the cell and if there are any cancer cells or something similar, or you have possibility of having cancer in few years, the pathologist will report accordingly and further treatment will be suggested.

What is VIA?


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