Top 100 PCL Nurses Loksewa and License Exam Model Question for RN and PCLN 2024 2080

PCL Nurses Loksewa and License Exam

PCL Nurses Loksewa and License Exam 2024 2080 BS

PCL Nurses Loksewa and License Exam
PCL Nurses Loksewa and License Exam Model Question


General Nursing

1. What is the primary role of a nurse?

A) To administer medications
B) To assist in surgeries
C) To provide patient care
D) To manage hospital finances

2. Which organization regulates nursing practice in Nepal?


3. The normal range of body temperature for a healthy adult is:

A) 34.5-35.5°C
B) 36.5-37.5°C
C) 38.5-39.5°C
D) 40.5-41.5°C

4. What is the most common site for measuring the pulse rate?

A) Temporal artery
B) Brachial artery
C) Radial artery
D) Femoral artery

5. Which of the following is an example of a subjective data?

A) Blood pressure
B) Patient's pain level
C) Respiratory rate
D) Temperature

6. The normal range of blood pressure for a healthy adult is:

A) 90/60 mmHg
B) 120/80 mmHg
C) 140/90 mmHg
D) 160/100 mmHg

7. What does PRN stand for in medical terms?

A) As needed
B) Once daily
C) Twice daily
D) Three times daily

8. Which of the following is not a vital sign?

A) Temperature
B) Pulse
C) Weight
D) Respiratory rate

9. Aseptic technique is used to:

A) Clean wounds
B) Prevent infection
C) Administer medications
D) Measure vital signs

10. The term "diuresis" refers to:

A) Increased urine output
B) Decreased urine output
C) Blood in urine
D) Painful urination

11. The most common site for intramuscular injection in adults is:

A) Deltoid muscle
B) Vastus lateralis
C) Rectus femoris
D) Dorsogluteal

12. Which of the following is a sign of hypoglycemia?

A) Increased thirst
B) Shakiness
C) Frequent urination
D) Flushed skin

13. What is the purpose of an incentive spirometer?

A) To measure blood oxygen levels
B) To assist with administering medication
C) To encourage deep breathing
D) To monitor heart rate

14. The medical term for a heart attack is:

A) Myocardial infarction
B) Angina pectoris
C) Cardiac arrest
D) Stroke

15. The Glasgow Coma Scale is used to assess:

A) Pain levels
B) Consciousness
C) Cardiac function
D) Respiratory rate

16. Which of the following is a characteristic of chronic pain?

A) Sudden onset
B) Short duration
C) Easy to diagnose
D) Persistent and long-lasting

17. What is the normal respiratory rate for a healthy adult?

A) 12-20 breaths per minute
B) 8-12 breaths per minute
C) 20-28 breaths per minute
D) 28-32 breaths per minute

18. Which of the following diseases is caused by a virus?

A) Tuberculosis
B) Malaria
C) Influenza
D) Cholera

19. The abbreviation "NPO" means:

A) As needed
B) Nothing by mouth
C) By mouth
D) After meals

20. Which vitamin is essential for blood clotting?

A) Vitamin C
B) Vitamin K
C) Vitamin D
D) Vitamin A


21. Which drug is commonly used to treat hypertension?

A) Metformin
B) Amoxicillin
C) Lisinopril
D) Diazepam

22. The antidote for opioid overdose is:

A) Atropine
B) Naloxone
C) Acetylcysteine
D) Flumazenil

23. Which of the following is a side effect of aspirin?

A) Hypotension
B) Gastrointestinal bleeding
C) Bradycardia
D) Hyperglycemia

24. The action of insulin in the body is to:

A) Lower blood glucose levels
B) Increase blood pressure
C) Decrease heart rate
D) Stimulate digestion

25. Which medication is used to treat an acute asthma attack?

A) Loratadine
B) Montelukast
C) Albuterol
D) Fluticasone

Mental Health Nursing

26. The primary goal of therapeutic communication is to:

A) Give advice
B) Promote understanding
C) Manage patient behavior
D) Obtain information

27. Which of the following is a negative symptom of schizophrenia?

A) Hallucinations
B) Delusions
C) Anhedonia
D) Paranoia

28. Lithium is commonly used to treat:

A) Anxiety disorders
B) Bipolar disorder
C) Schizophrenia
D) Depression

29. Which of the following is considered a sign of substance dependence?

A) Stable relationships
B) Increased tolerance to the substance
C) Consistent job performance
D) Controlled use of the substance

Maternal and Child Health Nursing

30. The normal duration of the human pregnancy is:

A) 38 weeks
B) 40 weeks
C) 42 weeks
D) 44 weeks

31. Preeclampsia is characterized by:

A) Hypotension and proteinuria
B) Hypertension and proteinuria
C) Hyperglycemia and ketonuria
D) Hypoglycemia and polyuria

32. The first stage of labor begins with:

A) Full cervical dilation
B) Onset of regular contractions
C) Delivery of the baby
D) Delivery of the placenta

33. Which immunization is given to a newborn within 24 hours of birth?

C) Hepatitis B

34. The first milk produced by the mother after childbirth is known as:

A) Hindmilk
B) Colostrum
C) Mature milk
D) Foremilk

Medical-Surgical Nursing

35. Which of the following is a common postoperative complication?

A) Hyperglycemia
B) Deep vein thrombosis
C) Hypotension
D) Hyperkalemia

36. What is the primary cause of peptic ulcers?

A) Stress
B) Helicobacter pylori infection
C) Spicy food
D) Alcohol consumption

37. A patient with COPD is most likely to exhibit which symptom?

A) Bradycardia
B) Cyanosis
C) Hypotension
D) Weight gain

38. The most effective method to prevent pressure ulcers in bed-ridden patients is:

A) Using a special mattress
B) Regularly changing the patient's position
C) Massaging bony prominences
D) Keeping the skin dry

39. The term "nosocomial infection" refers to an infection that is:

A) Acquired in the community
B) Acquired in a healthcare facility
C) Resistant to antibioticsantibiotics
D) Caused by a virus

Community Health Nursing

40. What is the primary focus of community health nursing?

A) Hospital-based care
B) Preventive care
C) Acute care
D) Long-term care

41. In which setting would a community health nurse most likely work?

A) Hospital
B) School
C) Pharmacy
D) Laboratory

42. What is the primary goal of health education in the community?

A) To diagnose diseases
B) To promote healthy behaviors
C) To dispense medications
D) To perform surgeries

43. The term "epidemiology" refers to the study of:

A) Human behavior
B) Disease patterns in populations
C) Medication effects
D) Healthcare economics

Leadership and Management

44. What is the primary role of a nurse manager?

A) Direct patient care
B) Budget management
C) Staff scheduling
D) Policy development

45. Which leadership style encourages participation from all team members?

A) Autocratic
B) Democratic
C) Laissez-faire
D) Transactional

46. The process of evaluating employee performance is called:

A) Coaching
B) Mentoring
C) Performance appraisal
D) Conflict resolution

Ethical and Legal Issues

47. Which principle emphasizes the importance of telling the truth?

A) Autonomy
B) Nonmaleficence
C) Veracity
D) Justice

48. What is the legal doctrine that protects healthcare professionals from liability for rendering emergency care?

A) Informed consent
B) Res ipsa loquitur
C) Good Samaritan law
D) Negligence

49. Which ethical principle guides healthcare professionals to do good?

A) Autonomy
B) Beneficence
C) Nonmaleficence
D) Justice

50. What is the legal age of consent for medical treatment in Nepal?

A) 16 years
B) 18 years
C) 21 years
D) 25 years

Research in Nursing

51. What is the purpose of a literature review in nursing research?

A) To summarize the findings of the study
B) To identify gaps in existing knowledge
C) To recruit participants for the study
D) To analyze the data collected

52. Which type of research design involves manipulating variables to establish cause-and-effect relationships?

A) Descriptive research
B) Correlational research
C) Experimental research
D) Qualitative research

53. What is a hypothesis in nursing research?

A) A tentative prediction about the relationship between variables
B) A summary of existing literature on the topic
C) A statement of the study's objectives
D) A description of the study population

Nursing Informatics

54. What is the primary purpose of electronic health records (EHRs) in nursing practice?

A) To bill insurance companies for services provided
B) To document patient care in a digital format
C) To communicate with other healthcare providers
D) To order medications and treatments for patients

55. What is the role of a nurse informaticist?

A) To provide direct patient care
B) To develop software for healthcare applications
C) To analyze and manage healthcare data
D) To conduct nursing research

Gerontological Nursing

56. What is a common health issue faced by older adults?

A) Autism
B) Scoliosis
C) Hypertension
D) Cleft lip

57. Which intervention is helpful in preventing falls in older adults?

A) Encouraging high-risk activities
B) Limiting physical activity
C) Ensuring adequate lighting
D) Encouraging use of scatter rugs

Pediatric Nursing

58. What is a common immunization given to infants at birth?

C) Hepatitis B
D) Varicella

59. Which milestone typically occurs in infants at around 6 months of age?

A) Walking independently
B) Crawling
C) Babbling
D) Smiling

Pediatric Nursing

58. What is a common immunization given to infants at birth?

C) Hepatitis B
D) Varicella

59. Which milestone typically occurs in infants at around 6 months of age?

A) Walking independently
B) Crawling
C) Babbling
D) Smiling

Nutrition and Diet Therapy

60. What is the recommended daily intake of water for adults?

A) 1 liter
B) 2 liters
C) 3 liters
D) 4 liters

61. Which nutrient is the body's primary source of energy?

A) Protein
B) Fat
C) Carbohydrate
D) Vitamin

Emergency Nursing

62. What is the first step in the nursing process during an emergency situation?

A) Diagnosis
B) Assessment
C) Planning
D) Evaluation

63. What is the primary goal of triage in the emergency department?

A) Provide definitive care
B) Determine the severity of injuries/illnesses
C) Administer pain relief
D) Document patient complaints

Surgical Nursing

64. What is the purpose of preoperative teaching for surgical patients?

A) To administer anesthesia
B) To reduce anxiety and promote recovery
C) To monitor vital signs during surgery
D) To perform postoperative care

65. Which complication is common after abdominal surgery?

A) Urinary tract infection
B) Pneumonia
C) Deep vein thrombosis
D) Migraine headache

Obstetric Nursing

66. What is the role of a doula during childbirth?

A) Perform medical interventions
B) Provide emotional and physical support
C) Administer anesthesia
D) Assist with surgical procedures

67. Which position is often recommended for a woman in labor to ease pain?

A) Supine
B) Prone
C) Sitting upright
D) Lateral

Rehabilitation Nursing

68. What is the primary goal of rehabilitation nursing?

A) To provide acute care
B) To promote independence and improve function
C) To prevent readmissions
D) To administer medication

69. Which healthcare professional typically leads a rehabilitation team?

A) Physician
B) Nurse
C) Physical therapist
D) Social worker

Palliative Care Nursing

70. What is the primary goal of palliative care?

A) Cure the underlying disease
B) Provide comfort and improve quality of life
C) Administer aggressive treatment
D) Extend life expectancy

71. Which symptom is commonly managed in palliative care?

A) Pain
B) Fever
C) Hypertension
D) Insomnia

Holistic Nursing

72. What is the focus of holistic nursing?

A) Treating only physical symptoms
B) Addressing the whole person: body, mind, and spirit
C) Prescribing medication
D) Performing surgeries

73. Which complementary therapy is commonly used in holistic nursing to promote relaxation?

A) Acupuncture
B) Aromatherapy
C) Radiation therapy
D) Chemotherapy

Mental Health Nursing

74. What is the primary focus of psychiatric nursing?

A) Physical health
B) Emotional and mental well-being
C) Social interactions
D) Cognitive function

75. Which therapeutic communication technique involves restating the client's message in the nurse's own words?

A) Reflection
B) Clarification
C) Validation
D) Paraphrasing

Infectious Disease Nursing

76. Which precaution is recommended when caring for a patient with tuberculosis (TB)?

A) Airborne precautions
B) Droplet precautions
C) Contact precautions
D) Standard precautions

77. What is a common symptom of influenza?

A) Rash
B) Cough
C) Jaundice
D) Diarrhea

Substance Abuse Nursing

78. What is the first step in the nursing process when caring for a client with substance abuse?

A) Diagnosis
B) Assessment
C) Planning
D) Evaluation

79. Which medication is commonly used in the treatment of opioid addiction?

A) Methadone
B) Antibiotics
C) Antidepressants
D) Insulin

Wound Care Nursing

80. What is the first step in wound healing?

A) Maturation
B) Inflammation
C) Proliferation
D) Hemostasis

81. Which type of wound dressing promotes a moist wound environment?

A) Dry gauze
B) Hydrocolloid
C) Alginate
D) Transparent film

Oncology Nursing

82. Which type of cancer affects the blood and bone marrow?

A) Leukemia
B) Melanoma
C) Lung cancer
D) Breast cancer

83. What is the primary treatment modality for cancer?

A) Surgery
B) Radiation therapy
C) Chemotherapy
D) Immunotherapy

Cardiovascular Nursing

84. What is the primary nursing intervention for a patient with chest pain?

A) Administer pain medication
B) Perform CPR
C) Assess vital signs
D) Activate emergency response

85. Which condition is characterized by irregular heart rhythms?

A) Bradycardia
B) Tachycardia
C) Arrhythmia
D) Hypertension

Renal Nursing

86. Which laboratory test is used to assess kidney function?

A) Complete blood count (CBC)
B) Liver function tests (LFTs)
C) Urinalysis
D) Serum creatinine

87. What is the primary goal of treatment for acute kidney injury?

A) Prevent further kidney damage
B) Reverse kidney failure
C) Improve urine output
D) Normalize electrolyte levels

Endocrine Nursing

88. Which hormone regulates blood sugar levels?

A) Insulin
B) Thyroid hormone
C) Cortisol
D) Growth hormone

89. Which condition is characterized by excess production of cortisol?

A) Addison's disease
B) Cushing's syndrome
C) Hypothyroidism
D) Hyperthyroidism

Gastrointestinal Nursing

90. Which condition is characterized by inflammation of the stomach lining?

A) Gastritis
B) Hepatitis
C) Pancreatitis
D) Cholecystitis

91. What is the primary treatment for peptic ulcer disease?

A) Antibiotics
B) Antiviral medication
C) Proton pump inhibitors
D) Blood transfusion

Intensive Care Nursing

92. What is the primary goal of mechanical ventilation?

A) Provide oxygenation
B) Prevent infection
C) Promote circulation
D) Control pain

93. Which complication is associated with prolonged immobility in critically ill patients?

A) Pressure ulcers
B) Hypertension
C) Hypoglycemia
D) Osteoporosis

Perioperative Nursing

94. What is the primary role of the circulating nurse in the operating room?

A) Assist with surgical procedures
B) Provide anesthesia
C) Manage the sterile field
D) Coordinate activities and ensure safety

95. Which phase of surgery involves preparing the patient for the procedure?

A) Preoperative phase
B) Intraoperative phase
C) Postoperative phase
D) Recovery phase

Community Health Nursing

96. What is the focus of community health nursing?

A) Individual patient care
B) Promoting health and preventing disease in populations
C) Administering vaccinations
D) Conducting research in healthcare facilities

97. Which intervention is commonly performed by community health nurses?

A) Prescribing medications
B) Conducting home visits
C) Performing surgeries
D) Providing inpatient care

Leadership and Management in Nursing

98. What is the primary role of a nurse manager?

A) Providing direct patient care
B) Managing nursing staff and resources
C) Conducting research studies
D) Teaching nursing students

99. Which leadership style involves a leader who encourages participation and input from team members?

A) Autocratic
B) Democratic
C) Laissez-faire
D) Transactional

Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

100. What is the primary purpose of the Nurse Practice Act?

A) To establish educational requirements for nursing programs
B) To regulate the practice of nursing and protect public health
C) To provide financial assistance to nursing students
D) To certify nursing assistants
PCL Nurses Loksewa and License Exam Model Question

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