How to verify COVID 19 MOHP vaccine card vaccine.

vaccine. vaccine card qr code verification method

Lets learn how to verify MOHO vaccine card from oneline portal vaccine., vaccine., vaccine.

Table of Contents(toc)

1. Open any broswer in your device with internet connection 

  • Google chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Samsung browser
  • Opera
  • Safari

2. Go to website toolbar and type and press  enter or just search it in or

type and press  enter or just search it in or

3. Go to link shown below: (vaccine. screenshot screenshot 

Click on प्रमाणिकरणका लागि आवेदन

4. Fill the form with asked details

You will be asked regarding personal information, vaccine information and other information

5. Upload asked documents

  1. Citizenship of nepal
  2. Photo
  3. Vaccine card screenshot  2 screenshot  2

6. Click on पेश गर्नुहोस्। screenshot 3 submit button

7. Confirm your submission after asked.

Note your registration number दर्ता नं। screenshot 4 language change

8. You can change language as well if needed. 

If you need to check your verification status click the link on top प्रमाणिकरणको स्थिति. (alert-success)

Source: Ministry of Health & Population, Department of Health Services, Information Management Unit (IMU)/Integrated Health Information Management System (IHIMS), Nepal

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