Nepal pharmacy council result notice 2080

Nepal pharmacy council has published result of license exam held on 2080. The result can be viewed in the pdf below. 

Results summary of pharmacy council license exam

नेपाल फार्मेसि परिषद्को 22 औ नाम दर्ता परीक्षाको फार्मेसि
 Total number of applicants सहायक को परिक्षा मा उपस्थित आवेदक सन्ख्या : १३९२
Pass number उत्तीर्ण संख्या : ४८७

Only: 35% Results 😊

Final Result 22th License Exam pharmacy

208 Pass Out of 251thank you for reading! Please download full result below.

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About Nepal pharmacy council 

Nepal pharmacy council is regulatory body of Pharmacists and their practice in Nepal stabilished under laws of Nepal. All the pharmacists in order to work in Nepal should be registered and received a valid license. 

You can read more here. 

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