CBC- Complete clood count

What does CBC mean in medical?

CBC stands for Complete blood count. Occasionally it is also called Full blood count or Total count/Differential ccount. In the CBC total number of blood cells i.e., WBC ( and its subtypes), RBC and platelets per unit volume are measured. Full blood count may occasionally include Hemoglobein, Hematocrit and other RBC parameters as well. 

Following are the measurements done in the total blood count. 

What is measured in cbc blood test

What is measured in cbc panel?

  • WBC count
  • Differential WBC count
    • Neutrophil
    • Lymphocyte
    • Monocyte
    • Basophil
    • Eosonophil
  • Hemoglobein
  • RBC
  • Hematocreit or Pack cell volume (PCV)
  • Mean cell volume
  • Mean cell hemoglobein
  • Mean cell hemoglobein concentration
Some labs may also include other less commonly done tests. 
The number of parameters provided by the CBC report may also depend upto the machine used for measurement.

CBC test price

Price of CBC test varies from 150 rupees to 600 rupees in Nepal. That is $1 to $5. But this test may be even cheaper or expensive in various health facilities and hospitals. You will get cheap in Government hospitals while expensive in private hospitals. I have noticed hospitals charging upto 800 rupeed for the test here in Nepal.   
Platelets floating in blood vessel
Platelets floating in blood vessel

CBC blood test price in nepal: Judgement

The range of CBC price tho varies, very expensive rate is not logical. Though they claim that they carge for the facility, the reliability and the quality of equiment they use for test. You always have option to choose the facility of your affordibility. 
Top government hospitals in kathmandu TU teaching hopital, Patan hospital, Bir hospital and Civil hospital charge less than 350 rupees for CBC test. 
WBC types
Types of WBC in CBC

CBC test price in nepal: How to choose?

If you're searching for very high reliability and cheap price choose the above mentioned Government hospitals otherwise you can do it anywhere. Some low quality facility may not perform it well so be careful. 

What to expect while getting your CBC done?

  • You need to get your vein pricked
  • blood should be collected in purple vial or EDTA vial
  • It may take upto 3 hours for CBC report to get 
  • Some time if technical problem occur you may need to repeat test
  • If any findings are abnormal your doctor may order other tests as well


Normal CBC values for healthy adult

  • WBC
  • RBC
  • HB
  • MCV
  • MCH
  • MCHC
  • HCT

Do you want to get your CBC or full body checkup done?

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