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Nepal Pharmacy Council is a regulatory body responsible for the registration and regulation of pharmacists and pharmacy practices in Nepal. The Council is entrusted with maintaining the standard and quality of pharmacy education and practice in the country.

Nepal pharmacy council registration exam
Nepal pharmacy council registration

Nepal pharmacy council notice

Notices regarding nepal Pharmacy council can be seen here.

Nepal pharmacy council recent notice

Nepal Pharmacy council recent notice will be pblished by our website time to time. Please do not forget to check on us to get uptodate license examination notice. 

Nepal pharmacy council online form

Online form for Nepal pharmacy counsil website can be filled by NPC website visitin. There is no offline form for Nepal pharmacy council.

Please check the link in this website for NPC online exam form.

Online name registration nepal pharmacy council

NPC has system made for online registration, lookup and online system for reporting. You can visit  their site and do everything there. For detailed guide to lookup the pharmacist you can see the guide in this link.

Nepal pharmacy council license exam 2079 2080

The  23rd pharmacist registration exam will be held in August 2023 and you should be preparing for that. In the past exam result of 22nd registration exam many have failed and thats the reason that students were not preparing well for the exam. 

To prepare with us please use this link.

Nepal pharmacy council license exam 2079 result

The result of 23rd registration exam for registered pharmacist Nepal pharmacy council can be seen here:

Nepal pharmacy council registration number

Obtaining a Nepal Pharmacy Council registration number is a significant milestone for every aspiring pharmacist in Nepal. This unique identifier holds immense value, signifying that the individual has successfully met the council's stringent requirements and is officially recognized as a qualified pharmacist. The process of acquiring this registration number involves thorough scrutiny of academic credentials, practical training, and adherence to ethical standards.

Aspirants invest dedicated efforts and commitment to fulfilling all the necessary criteria, as the registration number becomes a symbol of their dedication to providing safe and effective pharmaceutical care to the community. Beyond a mere number, it represents a sense of accomplishment and a gateway to embarking on a rewarding career in the dynamic field of pharmacy, where they can contribute to enhancing public health and well-being.

Obtaining a Nepal Pharmacy Council registration number is a significant milestone for every aspiring pharmacist in Nepal.

Nepal pharmacy council license exam 2078 question paper

The old license examination paper can be found in this link. 

Please downoad and print the pdf for study and remember to contact us for full preparation.

Nepal pharmacy council exam

Nepal pharmacy council exam is an important step on becoming registered pharmacist in Nepal.
The graduated from all over Nepal and outside nation who want to practice in Nepal go through this TOUGH exam to get the license and practice in Nepal. 

They are eveluated for tehir knowledge in various aspects of their pharmacy knowldge including science, laws, ethics and practice. 

As exams come near, the examiners and aspirants go through tough preparation and more tugh exam to achieve the dream they once seen ""to become the registered pharmacist in Nepal.

Nepal pharmacy council login

By visiting the pharmacy council website you can login to the webite and fill form, review form and check for your registration status. 

Visit here to know the detailed process of registration. 

Nepal pharmacy council establishment

The establishment date of the Nepal Pharmacy Council was on January 26, 1994. It was formed as an autonomous regulatory body under the Pharmacy Act of Nepal to oversee and regulate the pharmacy profession in the country.

The establishment of the Nepal Pharmacy Council holds a significant step in the history of pharmacy regulation and development in Nepal. The council was formed with the primary objective of ensuring the quality and standardization of pharmaceutical education and practice in the country. It was officially established as an autonomous body under the Pharmacy Act, which was enacted by the Nepalese government.

Nepal pharmacy council syllabus

Syllabus for Nepal Pharmacy Council exam can be downlaoded from following link

The syllabus includes following:
  1. Bachelor of pharmacy
  2. Diploma in pharmacy

Nepal pharmacy council exam syllabus

Nepal Pharmacy council has provided syllabus for diploma and bacheor in pharmacy for the students to refer. 

The licensing exam will be based on the syllabus and it also has provided model question for the NPC licensing examination.

Diploma in Pharmacy Syllabus 2080

Bachelor in Pharmacy Syllabus 2080

Nepal pharmacy council question bank pdf

We have collection of more than 1000 MCQs in our question bank colection which can be purchased through this link.

We have best questio ncollection and will cover all the possible and even past questions. 

We have ensured that we have collected  all the high yeild topics and will guaranteed your success.

Nepal pharmacy council license preparation book pdf free download

Book by our exeperts are readily available in the market . You can also online purchase the best Nepal pharmacy council exam preparation book from the link below or by clicking on the image.

Nepal Pharmacy council website now

Nepal pharmacy council can be visited by clicking the following website

Contact Number of Nepal pharmacy council

  • +977 (0)1 478 0747
  • Bijulibazar, New Baneshwore Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Pharmacy council NPC contact number
Nepal Pharmacy council NPC contact number

Nepal Pharmacy council  23rd Registration exam notice. 

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