How to see ntc number : How to see ntc number in mobile?

how to see ntc number : how to see ntc number in mobile

how to see ntc number : how to see ntc number in mobile



Nepal Telecom, as the leading telecommunication service provider in Nepal, plays a pivotal role in connecting people across the country. With its extensive network infrastructure, Nepal Telecom ensures reliable communication services, including voice, data, and internet, catering to the diverse needs of its customers. Its commitment to innovation is evident through the introduction of modern technologies and services, enhancing connectivity and accessibility nationwide. As a trusted entity, Nepal Telecom is dedicated to serving the community by offering affordable and high-quality telecommunication solutions, empowering individuals and businesses alike. With a vision to bridge the digital divide, Nepal Telecom continues to strive towards advancing the telecommunications landscape in Nepal, fostering socio-economic development and progress.

How to check own number in NTC nepal telecom sim?

To check your own number on Nepal Telecom (NTC) SIM card, you can use the following methods:

  • Dial USSD Code: 

Dial *9# and press the call button from your NTC SIM card. This USSD code will display your own mobile number on the screen.

  • Send SMS

You can send an SMS with any text (such as "NUM") to 1415. Shortly after sending the message, you will receive an SMS containing your own mobile number.

  • Call Customer Service

You can also call Nepal Telecom's customer service hotline at 1498 and inquire about your mobile number. The customer service representative will assist you in retrieving your number.

  • Call someone else's number 

Alternatively, you cal dial someone else  whom you know and then ask them which number is it. 
As simple as that

These methods should help you easily find out your own mobile number associated with your NTC SIM card.

How to check own number in NTC nepal telecom sim
How to check own number in NTC nepal telecom sim


You can use any of above four methods to know your number.

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