10 Top health sites of Nepal 2023

 What are the 10 top health sites of nepal?


Background of Top 10 health sites of Nepal

Online health seeking has been a new trends now. After acess of internet in the whole nation many of the tradionation methods of service and sales have shifted into online modality.
In the same context, seeking medical help is also slowly transitioning into online modality in the recent years in nepal as well. 
In this article we are trying write some review of the top health realted websites of Nepal that provide health information, online counseling and consultation on paid or free form.
This list is entirely a personal opinion and is neither sponsred nor endorsed by anyone. This review neither reflects anyinformation from third party. 
I might have or might not have used their service in first person basis but i have given plenty of time to review their service and judge it based on their service modality. So lets start.

List of top 10 health sites of Nepal

  1. Hamrodoctor
  2. Nepmeds
  3. Jeeve
  4. Hamroswasthya
  5. Medidoc
  6. Merohealthcare
  7. Swasthyajankari
  8. 24Seven
  9. Dr Health Rx
  10. chaitanya.com.np
Lets review them one by one now.


Hamrodoctor is a platform where you can have services like Online consultation, onlineb booking, health consultation and health discussion. They also have a mobile app available for android and iOS. 

Website: https://www.hamrodoctor.com/

Hamrodoctor home page
Hamrodoctor home page


Nepmeds a online health service which provides online medicines, family care, personal care, supplements, fitness, surgical and devices online. They also have a online health education /health library section available for public awareness. They also have an android app available. 

Website: https://www.nepmeds.com.np/

Nepmeds screenshot
Nepmeds screenshot


Jeeve is not actually online health consultation platform but it is intented for selling healthcare and cosmetic products of wide range. 

Website: https://www.jeevee.com/

Jeeve shopping
Jeeve shopping 


Hamroswasthya is a mobile app available in android for health care and health tracking of pregnant women and mothers.

App owner: Patan academy of health sciences PAHS

site: Pahs.edu.np

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pahs

Hamro Swasthya app
Hamro Swathya app


Medidoc is a online health platform with featured like online consultation. This is available through android app only. 

Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.medidocnp&hl=en

Website: http://www.medidocnepal.com/

Medidoc Nepal app
Medidoc Nepal app


Mero healthcare provides online pharmacy, heal t, and beauty products online. This is provided through website and have android and iOS app also available.

 Website: https://www.merohealthcare.com/

Mero healthcare
Mero healthcare


Swasthya janakari is a android app availbe for health information and consultation. 

Link to download swasthya jankari : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prologic.healthInfo&hl=en&gl=US

Swasthya Jankari app
Swasthya Jankari app


24Seven is a online pharmacy and healthcare product selling website. You can buy various products here.

Website: https://24seven.com.np/


Dr Health Rx

Dr Health Rx is a online health blog, health information, health consultation site. 

LInk website: www.doctorhealthrx.com


Dr Chaitanya(.com.np)

If youre reading this article you already know about us. Please explore us and know more. 
Go to our about us section to know more about us. 

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