Lipid profile- Know the danger of cholesterol in a single test

Lipid profile- Know the danger of cholesterol in a single test

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Introduction Lipid panel

Lipid simply means fat or cholesterol in general. 

But lipid profile contains multiple parameters viz. Total cholesterol, triglycerides, high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein and very low density lipoprotein.

These all parameters have their own reference range and own function in our body. 

Now we will discuss each of the above aprameter individually.

Parameters that are measuted in lipid profile

Here are the parameters measured in Lipid profile
  1. Total cholesterol
  2. triglycerides
  3. high density lipoprotein
  4. low density lipoprotein
  5. very low density lipoprotein

Total Cholesterol

Reference ranges:


Reference ranges:

High density lipoprotein

Reference ranges:

Low density lipoprotein

Reference ranges:

Very low density lipoprotein

Reference ranges:

Atherosclerosis risk of deranged lipid profile

Heart disease risk of deranged lipid profile

Arterial plaque buildup of deranged lipid profile

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Cardiovascular health and deranged lipid profile

Cholesterol testing

Lipid profile interpretation

Cholesterol management

Dietary cholesterol impact

Lifestyle modifications

Statins and cholesterol control

Exercise and cholesterol levels

Genetic predisposition to high cholesterol

Importance of regular lipid screening

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