NHPC has published Notification Regarding Seventh Name Registration Certificate Examination

NHPC 7th licensing examination detailed notice and how to fill up the forms for NHPC licensing examination for PCL, bachelors and masters level

NHPC license examination notice:

NHPC 7th licensing examination notice
seventh 7th licensing examination full notice from NHPC

How to fill up NHPC licensing examination form:

  1. You must have an active gmail account to fill up form if you appeared in 1st to 5th examination. If you have already used that gmail account for taking exam previously create new one here .
  2. Visit this link www.nhpc.gov.np
  3. Click on new registration icon on top right 
    NHPC new registration
    New regiistration NHPC

  4. Alternatively you can click here
  5. Fill up the required information and enter the captcha:
    Fill required information and enter captcha NHPC

Enter the code sent to your email : 
Enter code here from email from NHPC
Enter code here from email from NHPC

Code in email from NHPC

Code in email from NHPC
7. Now login using the email and password you entered earlier
8 Now provide all the informamtion it asks for and apply for your level of choice.

What is the application fee for examination:

  • Single fee on time (till 2080/01/28) : Rs 3000

  • Double fee (from 2080/01/29 to 2080/03/03 : Rs 6000

NHPC form fee banks:

1. Nepal SBI bank limited

2. Himalayan bank limited

The voucher of the above mentioned fee should be submitted to the profile of the examinee. 

Read more informamtion at NHPC official website and NHPC facebook page. 

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