Rastriya Parichayapatra NID : Online registration 2080

How to register for Rastriya Parichayapatra NID Online Form

Rastriya parichayapatra tatha panjikaran bibhag

Rastriya parichayapatra tatha panjikaran bibhag is the government office responsible for distribution of ND. 

It is under Home ministry and DONIDCR (department) and works with collaboration of District administration office DAO.

राष्ट्रिय परिचयपत्र अनलाइन फारम भर्ने तरिका (👈click here)

Rastriya parichayapatra tatha panjikaran bibhag nid pre enrollment
Rastriya parichayapatra tatha panjikaran bibhag nid pre enrollment 


A Parichayapatra, also referred to as an " identity card" or a "letter of introduction " is a document that people or businesses use to introduce themselves to others. Its purpose is to initiate communication and establish a connection, with the recipient. In the business context a Parichayapatra usually includes details about the senders background, qualifications, accomplishments and the reason for the introduction. It can be used when seeking business opportunities, partnerships or collaborations. The tone of the letter is professional and polite with the aim of leaving an impression on the reader. Whether in professional life a written Parichayapatra has the potential to open doors create networks and foster meaningful relationships, between individuals and organizations.

Rastriya parichayapatra form

Rastriya parichayapatra form is a form that is needed to get the National Id card of Nepal. 
Everyone need to go on pre enrollment form in the DONIDCR website.

How to get rastriya parichayapatra number

To get national ID card of Nepal do the steps in the following article.

Rastriya parichayapatra and panjikaran bibhag

Visit DONIDCR wbsite using the link here.

NID pre enrollment

Go to this website and get enrolled in the pre enrollment. 

NID enrollment

Read the following article. 

NID nepal

NID Nepal Rastriya Parichayapatra NID : Online registration 2080

NID card

NID stands for National Identity card of Nepal. NID stands for National Identity card of Nepal. It is an official identification document issued by the Government of Nepal to its citizens. The NID serves as proof of citizenship and contains important personal information about the cardholder, such as their full name, date of birth, gender, address, photograph, and a unique identification number.

The primary purpose of the NID is to establish the identity of Nepali citizens and ensure that they are entitled to various government services and benefits. It also plays a crucial role in various official transactions, such as opening bank accounts, applying for government schemes, voting in elections, and accessing other essential services.

Obtaining an NID in Nepal usually involves a formal application process, where individuals need to submit necessary documents, provide biometric information (such as fingerprints), and fulfill specific eligibility criteria. The card is typically valid for a specific period, after which it may need to be renewed.

The NID is an essential document for Nepali citizens, as it not only confirms their nationality but also acts as a means of identification in various situations, contributing to the overall security and convenience in daily life.

NID pre-enrollment system

Government of Nepal has prepared a portal for NID pre enrollment. Open this link for how to fill up NID pre enrollment form.

NID card nepal

NID stands for National Identity card of Nepal. 

NID card check nepal

Check NID card status from the preenrollment form above.

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