NMC license examination schedule for 2081: Nepal medical Council

NMC license examination schedule for 2081: Nepal medical Council

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Today, Nepal medical Council has published or notice regarding schedule of Nepal medical Council license examination for doctors and dental surgeons to be registered in Nepal.

The schedule presents the three different date for doctors to be registered here in Nepal.

According to law, all of the doctors and dentist must undergo this examination and pass it to be able to practice in Nepal after they have cleared their university examination.

What is NMC?

Nepal medical Council is the governing body of Nepal to license the doctors and dentist here in Nepal.

In the notice they have also schedule for special examination wise is held for doctors who have completed their postgraduate degree.

The specialist doctors who have completed your MD or MS from different institute, including Nepal and foreign must undergo this examination and passage to be able to practice as the specialist.

Nepal medical Council also has opened the license examination notice for the 69th license examination for undergraduate level.

How is NMC examination conducted?

This examination will be held in the near future, and this examination will be based.

Nepal medical Council is conducting computer based examination who is based on MCQ For last several years.

What is the examination date for NMCE licensing examination?

This examination will be held in May 20-22 2024, also in Nepali date seventh, seventh, eighth, and ninth of Jestha 2081. 

The last date of submission of form for NMCLE licensing examination is given below

How to fill of NMCLE licensing examination form?

The student should submit the final certificate if they have passed MBBS or BDS from a foreign university.

They must also submit internship completion certificate as mandatory for the NMCLE licensing examination.

The doctors cannot submit the physical form and only online forms are acceptable.

The fee for NMCLE licensing examination is 3500 rupees.  (sunject to change)


To fill of the form for Ncell licensing examination for undergraduate level, please visit the following link or click here to go to the NMC licensing examination form Fill up portal.

If you have any question regarding NMC examination, please feel free to ask us

Please read the detailed notice below
NMC license examination notice 2081
NMC license examination notice 2081/2024

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